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Who We Are

Technamart has been serving Customers for quite a while for the people who could not find any quality accessories for their digital cameras. They set about sourcing what they were looking for directly from manufacturers and realised that their friends were also struggling to find similar quality accessories. Recognising there was demand for a retailer who can supply these items, Technamart Stepped up and now have the most varieties on batteries, chargers, cables and adapters for smart phones, laptops, and digital camera. Not only do we supply a full range of camera and camcorder accessories, We Also cater Hdmi's and Other Display Cables as well as we backed up by unrivalled industry expertise, but importantly we stock everything we sell. Our staff offer expertise and honesty, without any sales patter.

We Will Respond and Reply with Loyalty towards you. Our replies will be honest, understandable and relevant and if a sale follows we want you to go away thinking you have had great service rather than just another purchase. Our aim is that we will be your first port of call for any cameras or camcorder accessory in the future!

What We Do

Here at Technamart, We Strive to provide you with the best Cameras and Camcoders accessories and other products, whether for leisure or semi-professional use! Our aim is not just to supply like other Retailers, but to supply the best Quality; even if this means improving or developing completely new products, we do it. Our ultimate aim is to provide a wide range of high quality products to suit every requirement.


If you have any comments about our site, or the products we sell, please e-mail our Customer Services team at: